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Hey Guys!
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Country:United States
State/Province:New York
About me
Headline:Looking for the love that binds the moon and the stars.
About me:Hi, I'm a young single white traditional catholic girl. I was raised in the novus ordo but then during college fell in love with the true religion, and now I attend only the true mass, and receive the true sacraments, I'm very interested in relocating to somewhere where there is a strong sedevacantist community. My parents are modernist c'atholic', my sister a buddhist and my brother an atheist, thanks a lot of novus ordo! I still love them and pray for their salvation daily. Anyway, i'm eager to grow and expand in the true faith and to find my true vocation in life, and to be true to it. I am working at a bakery right now, and want to go to culinary school, but if at all possible, I want to stay at home and raise a gaggle of pious hardworking children open to vocations in true monasteries and true orders of priests. I'm very traditional, sometimes i think i'm the only one here. For example, I never wear pants, and make sure that I am modest, clean, and kind. I work hard, unfortunaly I don't have much of a chance to have fun, but I like to play scrabble.
Looking for:I'm looking for a strong pious hardworking gentlemen that only goes to the true mass and loves everything there is about the faith and true womanhood. I want someoneto cradle me, and whose children I'll have, someone who is manly enough to make ends meet, works hear, is courageous, and likes to listen, listening is so important. Oh and did I mention pious? Ideally I would want a man who goes to confession weekly and receives holy communion on sunday, even perhaps everyday, though I know that its not possible to do that everywhere.
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