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Country:United States
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About me:I converted on my own out of the Vatican 2 Church in 2004. I had been very involved with them. My best friend says I have a balanced personality and a mix of all temperaments. I am loyal to my friends who are loyal to me. I enjoy creativity: drawing, singing, French horn, keyboard, and writing. I passionately care about the truth. I am trying to become more devoted and pray 15 decades of the rosary. I have lived many places so my home is hopefully heaven. I believe in one water baptism for the remission of sin. I do not believe that all Masses with Ratzinger in the canon are off limits. I desire to receive the Sacraments in these times. I am a librarian at a college.
Looking for:Supportive Catholic, fun, pious friends and if God's will a wife. Someone who lives the Catholic life style every day, not just someone from a Catholic family. Regarding ladies, I have traditional views of modesty (skirts and dresses and head covering when appropriate) and ideally women should not have to work in the world. Someone who cares about health and education both of children and ongoing self education. Someone with a docile nature like the Blessed Virgin.

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